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    stanus kloutt Joined Nov 21, 2011

    high frequency algorithmic trading has greatly simplified the stock market. human day traders should locate clusters of buy and sell stop limit orders and then place orders with expectations that trading robots will take those stops.


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      Kriss Locmelis
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      Trusted Stocks Signals
      Trusted Stocks Signals is a platform offering social and technical analysis signals. Download for FREE:
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      Oscar Carboni
      I have been trading and analyzing charts since 1982. Was a member and floor trader for years on the NYMEX / COMEX Metals / Energy exchanges. Currently I run a live free Trading Room offering real ltrading recommendations in both commodities and stock
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      Michael Wilson
      Anything can happen at anytime. I trade patterns, post on them, but if they don't follow thru, forget what I just said, lol.
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      Chris Cheatham
      Futures trader, Northwestern MBA, award-winning developer of market geometry and order flow software for the TradeStation platform (aka Solidus)
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      MJ Wealth
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      Eon Kid
      Been trading fulltime since 2005. Last 5 years I concentrated exclusively CL. I trade price action, Momo, MP, dont use indicators. I watch order flow, micro price action, Order footprint -Gom Volume Ladder,DOM. I love Karate, bodybuilding & trading.
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      Active futures & options trader. Main product light sweet crude oil. Short term technical approach to trading.
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      pavlos signalis
      Something important: The information and opinions published do not constitute a solicitation or offer to buy / sell securities or other investment instruments, or a soliciation or offer to carry out such transactions. information use only !!!
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      Ted Wavegenius Aguhob
      Call me Ted, call me THE Batman, or call me "Wavegenius." Unofficially 1 of the top 25 earning blogs in the world in 2013. No joke. Could-a-be Rock star, man of mystery. "1111" >
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      Steven Lin
      Logic Over Sentiment
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      Peter Ghostine
      Founder of 61point8 LLC. My evidence-driven methodology aims to identify and trade high-probability setups from both the long and short sides of the market.
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      Bruce J Moschella
      Substantial INSIGHT into the intention of price is attained by using statistical price structure. We use high probability market statistics to target the market's direction.