lori spechler Joined Mar 02, 2011

Lori Spechler is a Senior Editor at CNBC. Formerly a trader and market-maker in commodity options, her resume includes such infamous Wall Street names as AIG Trading Corp. and Drexel Burnham Lambert Trading Corp.


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    Alpha_Now Official Account
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    Mike C.
    Change is the only constant.
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    ES Capital Advisors
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    Matthew Tran
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    Annalyn Kurtz
    Breaking down the jobs report, econ data & Bernanke speeches in 140 characters. @CNNMoney writer. @CUNYJSchool adjunct.
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    Jason Tseng
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    Bruno J.
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    John Voorheis
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    First Carolina Capital
    At the age of 14, instead of learning how to fix cars or ride motorcycles, I was taught investing/trading techniques. For the past 12 years, that's what I've done; it's my passion! Please, feel free to reach out to me!
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    Lawrence Sautter
    Your global Investment Manager in Zuerich - Switzerland, we have been observing capital markets with a critical eye for over 20 years. As an independent investment boutique, we represent the client's best interests. Please contact us.
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    Michael Stapleton
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    robert ebert
    President B E GENERAL CONTRACTING, INC., business degree, Masters in BS, investor, not easy being me!
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    Robert Weisbloom
    Retired because of a work accident that cost me my leg. Trade Penny Stocks, Mod-Cap Stocks, Bio-Tech Stocks, and Forex. Swing trade, and do some long term investing.
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    TeREK 8
    Yield investing , Options and Canadian Natural Resources. TeREK 8: A migrating bird in rich resource countries & 8 investing rules ! Always consult your broker for any investment decision. All opinions are intended for educational purposes only.
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    Michael Ramos
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    Joao Neto
    Economist, Independent Stock Swing Trader, interested in the U.S. stock market, European stock market, especially the German stock market (DAX), and emerging markets. Speaks English, French, German, and Portuguese.
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    Joe Fibonacci
    No B.S. Trading Services- No hype. No Million Dollar Promises. Just real Time Tested Forex Trading Signals You Can Start Using Right Now.
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    Trang Ho