Marc Possley Joined Oct 25, 2010

Retired. Long Term investor looking for growth/value. Authored three books: (1) The Personal Stock Investment Plan, (2) 8D Team Based Problem Solving (3) Team Oriented Problem Solving Part 2


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    Baltazar Tapia

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    Allison Jarman

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    Georges Lariviere

    Intermediate , swing trader
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    David Sztyk

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    Arun D

    Started my own company, sold it, now I trade using all my own capital. Position Size, Time Frame, and Conviction are 3 things I've learned quickly. I look at charts for entry/exit points but I'm not day trading, instead I ride the bigger trend$$
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    Christopher Catharsis

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    Options Trader

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    Long term swinger undervalued stocks long $AAL $SYRG $HLT $AMC $BAC $KNDI $ARIA $MTG $ETAK $MM $CAMT $CIMT $GTAT $BX $LVS $GOGO $DANG $AXAS $JAKK $SID
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    Christopher Day

    Day Capital Research is a source of cutting-edge investment knowledge and stock market research. We give a fresh perspective to picking stocks that deliver long-term growth. Our independent analysis represents the next generation of equity research.
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    StockViews is a website that aggregates opinions on stocks from various sources, including Twitter, Wall Street and Hedge Funds
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    CDM Capital

    CDM Capital is a private investment manager focused on due diligence-based value investments and special situation investing.
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    Sam Jetin

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    We provide research on specific stock prior to earnings release date. Our strategy is low risk and sets out specific positions according to portfolio size. We take up to 4 positions a month so you don't need to be at your screen all day !
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    richard lech

    on a constant quest to find the right formula that consistently doubles your portfolio
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    Tim W

    I was once a Bagholder now I make a living just trading. I look for explosive setups. I scalp and take swing positions. I'm just living the dream.
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    cameron fous

    Ive made nearly $400k in just 2 years. My job is to teach you how i did it. Watch me trade live everyday and learn with me on FOUStv
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    Dividend Yield

    Not a millionaire but I live off dividends. Over the recent 10 years I quadrupled my net worth by dividend growth stock trading. Follow me and learn how I work.
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    The Greater China Fund

    The Greater China Fund, Inc. (the "Fund") was incorporated in Maryland on May 11, 1992, as a non-diversified, closed-end management investment company. The Fund's investment objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation by investing substantial