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    Fadi Steitie

    Entrepreneur, investor and professional Forex trader that I share Forex signals based on market analysis and patterns recognition. I use widely Elliott waves as well as Ichimoku Kinko Hyo to recognize market opportunities.
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    Tomasz Galuszka

    I’ve been investing in stocks since 2003 and I’m trading Forex since 2008. Additionally since 2009 I am giving seminars at the University of Economic in Katowice. I have trained more than 500 people.
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    Nick Bencino

    Nick Bencino shows traders how to use Price Action to trade Forex. Nick shares his trading strategy for free on http://www.forex4noobs.com.
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    Dale Pinkert

    Dale has over 30 years of trading experience in the Financial Markets, specializing in commodity futures & currency trading. Dale is a former Floor Trader & Member of The Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
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    Forex Pros

    Forex Pros' news service offers real-time coverage on breaking stories in the currency and stock markets, as well as on key economic events.
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    Peter Pham

    Peter Pham is a capital market specialist and entrepreneur. With expertise as a Head of Institutional Sales and Trading he closely watches the market and probes for investment opportunities..
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    Prop Trader

    Disclosure: My tweets are my own opinion & should not be used to make investment or trading decisions. Please do your own due diligence.
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    Full Time Day / Swing Trader 21+ years
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    Experienced derivatives professional on the Chicago trading floors.
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    Richard Blades

    A simple man leading a simple life with a good woman, good friends, a good dog and a good internet connection. Full time day/swing trader on private accounts after 25+ years in the financial services and brokerage industry.
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    U Karl E Witz

    Wharton. McKinsey. UBS. Securities industry since 1994. Asia ex-pat during 1980s-90s. Blocked by Zero Hedge since 2010.
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    Jerry Khachoyan

    Day trader. Markets. Macro. Musings. Armenian. LA Native. UCLA Grad.
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    The Trading Desk

    Proprietary Trading Desk in NYC backing discretionary and quant traders. SMBU.com is our trader education company.
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    Abdel Ibrahim

    Trader and Founder of RatioTrading.com