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love oil painting trading stock 32 years day trader swinfg trader


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    Anmol Singh
    **Moderator Pristine Method Trading room** -- **Stock & Options Proprietary Day/Swing trader**
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    grace slick
    detecting an imbalance results in a call closing your position. Prices will average out!. Therefore : + BUY (far) ABOVE the given level AND + SELL (far) BELOW the injurious level. The lifetime of the level is up to severall days.
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    The Day Trading Academy
    Official stocktwits of The Day Trading Academy. Where traders find success, wealth, or freedom through #investing and #trading. Let's Create Your Lifestyle.
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    361 Capital Official Account
    Founded in 2001, 361 Capital is an investments firm specializing in liquid alternative mutual funds.
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    Ideas posted generated by custom trading algorithms. See site for back-tests and live trading results. Follow my full portfolios ideas with Entry/Exit and Sizing posted a day early on StockTwits and my website!
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    Sam son
    long/short position trader; pyramid gains/blow-out losses; allocation according to technical, psychological, fundamental analysis; hedging to reduce acct-beta.
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    Dawn Rinaldi
    Industry veteran & student of markets. FT technical trader (supply/demand). Do NOT buy hi/sell lo. 'Everything you need to know in the charts' - learning to listen. Building track record-and here to give back-mentor others (NOT here for fees)
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    Perception Deception
    Volatile equities, options, and ETF's. Has learned the hard way. Patterns are everywhere - don't fight the trend! "Logic will never change emotion or perception" - Edward de Bono
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    larry ddddd
    retired air traffic controller
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    Algorithmic Trading System for individual investors directly in their brokerage account. - Automatic Investing - Quantitative Investing - Mechanical Investing - Black Box Investing Investing your advisor Can't Beat!
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    James Hudson
    15 + years experience writing automated strategies for the futures markets. I specialize in the ES, NQ, YM, TF, EMD, VX, FDAX, NK and ETF’s of these instruments. Position sizing available. No hype, No grip, just trading. James Hudson
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    Jesse Felder
    They call me the seeker...
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    Duru A
    Sole proprietor of Ahan Analytics, LLC
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    Gary Lynn
    Developer of mechanical trading systems in the stock and futures markets.
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    TraderPlanet Official Account
    Find daily market analysis, trading ideas and educational articles here. New stories posted every day.
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    Kora Reddy
    Founder of stock screener with single click backtest , fav quote: "In God we trust; all others must bring data" W. Edwards Deming , linkedin profitle @
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    beau simon warda
    Aspiring Equity Analyst. CFA level 1 candidate, Cal Poly SLO graduate.
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    Jean Fonteneau
    Entrepreneur, former hedge fund manager, active independent trader, trading mostly US equity mkt via stocks, ETFs and options, following closely the syndicate calendar for IPOs and secondary deals. Frenchman. Active in markets for more than 15 years.