Naser Khalafi Joined Aug 16, 2013

Losers are people who are Afraid of Losing.


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    Lara Iriarte

    I first learned about Elliott Wave over 5 years ago and I have been studying and applying it since. I learned about Elliott Wave before I began trading so I trade from a pure Elliott Wave perspective.
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    Jason Sen

    Jason Sen began his trading career in the options pits on the trading floor of LIFFE in 1987 Live Trading Group - follow my trades in real time. Contact me for details.
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    grega horvat

    Advanced technical analyzes for the financial markets with method called Elliott Wave Principle. The Elliott Wave Principle gives you a method for identifying at what points the market is most likely to turn. And that, in turn, gives you guidance as
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    Andrea Calissano

    Former Fund Manager. Founder of Traditional Technical Analysis, Elliot Wave guidelines and investor sentiment.
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    Lewis Jones

    We cover 26 major instruments in the forex, equities indices, bonds and commodities markets around the clock in 4 time frames at ElliottWave-Forecast