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    Jack Reigle
    Professional strategist and author. Unprofessional at virtually everything else.
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    Jesus Navarrete
    I am a believer and I'm sure the financial analysis and exact mathematics are kindred spirits, a haunted triangles, its interpretation, development and positive
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    joe donohue Official Account
    Full time trader. On Wall St. for over twenty years. Founder long/short hedge fund. Currently manages private accounts and with a long/short strategy. To request my performance, e-mail me at
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    I am the founder and moderator of the live trading chat room at The teamwork among the traders in our chat room is very rare in this industry. I am proud to be a part of it!
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    Bruce Jedz
    My goal is to have more money after the trade than before the trade using techniques a sixth grader can understand.
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    Trevor Prokos
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    Sharon Yau
    I trade off of support, breakout patterns, catalysts, and momentum. I will either scalp, scale in intra-day, or will build a position for days anticipating a big move. Love volume. Love under $20 stocks.
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    Austin Sky
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    Scott Smith
    Was a very active, successful trader. Serious injury with no insurance drained my savings. Got married. My incredibly smart wife suggested that I stop talking to the TV on how to trade and to use my knowledge instead to help others. So, here I am.
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    MOJO Day Trading
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    Tony Lynn
    I am an opportunist, not an investor. Just wait until the chance shows.
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    Very diverse individual, able to adapt well and excel in any endeavor. Creative, out of the box thinker that can solve problem with sustainable solutions. Able to relate to others well, I have managed over 500 people in a company with over 120M sales
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    Michael Fuller
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    Always looking for rips and dips.Taking all trades with God on my side. Hoping to help others make money and let the Funds pay me I don't want your money I want theirs....Good Luck to all those brave enough to trade this market