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    Bruce J Moschella

    Success in trading is not so much a reflection of your ability but rather a result of which state of mind you live in.
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    Independent Full Time Trader 14+ years experience. You have to learn the rules of the game...and then you have to play better than anyone else.
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    FREE stock tips, alerts, and analysis. Disclaimer: We are not a registered investment adviser, broker or securities dealer. The information on this website is solely an opinion about stocks and market conditions.
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    Christopher Dvorak

    Christopher Dvorak, started at Piper Jaffray in Minneapolis followed by 20 years at Perkins Capital Mgmt, “Chris is very adept at identifying opportunities in the market.” Richard W. Perkins (“Perk”), President of Perkins Capital Manageme
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    Bilo Selhi

    Focused on finding stocks that have potential to double within short term. Mostly day and swing trades.
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    Natalie Epstein

    Day trader
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    US Stock Traders

    I am not an emotional trader. but chart reader and trade stocks & options based on what I read. I enjoy trading based on technical's and buy at support and sell at resistance. I always set up stop loss below 1-2% of my support & Resistance.
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    A Quant

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    Darrell Kublick

    Do you know why you are not a good consistant trader? Why you feel anxiety, fear, chase stocks? I do. It's in your head. Know what makes you do what you do and then you can start trading.
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    Blair Jensen

    Quantifying Social Media. Converting StockTwits and Twitter streams from text to technical analysis indicators. Hedging strategies for individual investors.
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    alan delm

    Charting--learn charting/$ mgmt, it works--no GUESSING, no more FUNDIES, All analysts and idiots IGNORED. Haven't looked at a cash flow, P&L, balance sheet in several YEARS. Be a machine, flush emotions, use EYES NOT BRAIN, brain will ruin you here.
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    ex-market maker floor of NYSE 11 yrs- now trade own money.
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    Kusuma K

    Chitra Capital
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    Bob Kudla

    Near full swing trader
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    Zachary Teller

    Analyst for Pioneer Trading Academy. Technical bias with specialty in the ichimoku cloud trading strategy
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    ETF Daily News

    ETF Daily News gives you one source for the latest daily headlines helping you to make informed decisions about Exchange Traded Funds.
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    follow me on Twitter @twinstrader
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    Talib Gunther

    [Breakin' necks & cashin' checks] <Open commiserate script of sophistication><Insert: inflated credentials and appeal to authority via cognitive biases> <re: Insert institutional affiliation and other cultural norms of success> </tribal qualifiers>
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    Ask if you don't know

    I day trade Futures and Equity Options. Occasionally I trade equity. I'm a father who enjoy's playing and watching basketball. Love the S&P market, and absolutely love being a follower of Christ. Help others always.