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      Mike Vieira
      Stocks don't trade like they used to based on economics, fundamentals, technicals, business cycle etc. Thanks to the Federal Reserve (Princeps) everything is now controlled by communist banksters. I know politics and that is my edge.
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      Christopher Obey
      Full Time Day Trader
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      Anthony Verdone
      Mentoring service where you only contribute when you see success. Email me - My posts are for entertainment purposes only.
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      Benjamin Shields
      Builder of business jet interior components and now commercial. Dreamliners come true;) The trades don't change, the amounts do.
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      iStockPicker_com Alert System is designed for the active, information based trader. Our system offers you 100% automated and unbiased trade alerts, all from a single web application. Get instant text and email alerts as soon as a prediction is made. +70% Correct.
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      Many Ratings
      We look for stock trading ideas based on the average ratings and price targets issued by Wall Street analysts covering a stock.
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      TD Stephens
      Recent college Grad (Spring 2015) in Finance. Two years trading experience. Looking to learn. Love the markets. Swing, and technical trader. Opinions are my own and shall not be construed as advice or recommendations.
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      Billion dollar trader , investment club director
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      kris Med
      All stocks are good. What matters is your entry and exit points. :)
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      Hundred To A Million
      Trying to turn $100.00 into $1,000,000.
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      My daily goal: $500/hour profit in the first 2 hours the market is open. I usually only trade stocks under $5, risk only $5000 per trade and end each trading day holding one position...CASH. I trade exclusively using scanners for momentum plays.
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      Salman Aziz
      I search for companies who embody strong intrinsic value, and potential for exponential growth. My style of trading is the thirty-thirty rule. Simply put 30% gains in 30 days.
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      Jeff Macke Official Account
      Professional investor since 1997. +19.5% net annualized returns from 1998-2005. Original cast member of Fast Money. Host on Yahoo Finance 2011- March 2015. Author: Clash of the Financial Pundits w/ Josh Brown
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      Varel Research
      The only price-driven equity research firm | Price action is not random
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      Now in beta... The bot keeps an eye on your stocks, alerting you to buy & sell signals on the stocks you care about.
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      Either hold long term or sit on your hands until you can ride the wave.
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      Samantha Lee
      Finance degree from UNLV. (graduated '05) I do lots of research. I watch dark pools and try to be one step ahead. Don't be shy, say hi! Note: Posts are my opinions only and are not advice. Trade at your own risk.
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      The Java Pit Trading Room
      93% of our whispers for 2014-2015 made $$$. The stock whisperer has trained over 1000 traders worldwide. She teaches her online students to day trade and swing by entering only the highest probability trades by following the dark pool.
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      Used to work in the financial sector, Dad worked on both Bay and Wall Streets. Industry hacks touting and bashing stocks for their shops, ignore me, I'll just get you mad. Check my blog for the games hacks play and ideas.