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    William Franklyn Joined Oct 06, 2012


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      Jack Loftis
      Successful ETF Swing Trader. Trading this "mean reversion" approach for the past 7 years. Posting my trades 60 minutes before the Close every day, with over 90% win rate.
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      Mark Freitag
      I invest in winning ideas.
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      jeffrey burch
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      Jon Knight
      The usual. I trade nickels for dimes, sometimes. I find bottoms and buy with no doubts. I sell early and book my gains. Author of Introduction To Lines Of Force, a method of modeling forces acting on price over time, particularly after a peak.
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      Kevin Cook Official Account
      Traded interbank FX for 10 years doing spot-futures arb. Joined Zacks Investment Research May 2011 after I discovered their powerful stock trading model using earnings momentum.
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      Mike Vieira
      Stocks don't trade like they used to based on economics, fundamentals, technicals, business cycle etc. Thanks to the Federal Reserve (Princeps) everything is now controlled by communist banksters. I know politics and that is my edge.
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      Gabriel Cohen Henriquez
      business man; trading for about 3 years now. kitesurfer, yogui, loving husband and dad.
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      Mechanical Engineer in Nuclear Industry. Part-time: Musician & Writer. Invest in value, yield, & a few spec plays. Live at the beach & enjoy boating, scuba, & moon on the water.
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      Tampa Bay Stock Trader / Investor with a sense of humor and a good dose of common sense. Follow at your own risk. Double Black Diamond No Guts No Glory!
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      JohnH, MBA
      I am a day-trader building long-term positions for financial security.
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      I am here for the karma
      70% Options Trader and 30% Swing trader. Here to share ideas and meet some great people. My favorite strategies. 1. Throw hope out the window and trade to a plan. 2. Follow the volume in and follow the volume out. 3. Respect stops.
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      Joe Moravec
      Trading 6 years now.
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      Coined tradesmart on the internet. 1st real time stock blog on the internet at 1995. Contract corporate pilot for over 20 years.