reuven ohr Joined Jan 22, 2012

im 35. used to b stockbroker. have dversified portfolio, of all timeframes, disciplines, sectors & markets. intra-day, i play textbook & higest-quality technical & fundamental set-ups. i look for 3:1 Risk/Reward. stocks $10+, 500k+ daily volume.


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    J K
    Value investor -buy and hold - never to fold. stock market is a big casino..... waiting for weak hands to fold.
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    Jordan S. Terry
    Managing Director, Stone Street Advisors LLC. Fundamental value equity research/analysis for institutional investors, HNWs, consultants. Born skeptic. Ex-credit IB'er, corp dev, Stern MBA'er, Long time horizon ideas.
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    Sherry B
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    Sunrise Trader
    Trader trading the trend. Trade in a state of grace. Family friends laughter health and time to play important to me. Living life in alignment with 'what is'
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    David Busick
    I do one thing and I do it very well; precise Fibonacci entry levels on any futures contract,equity or option. Lover of the blues; Muddy, Howlin, BB, Lightin', Buddy, KWS .. Stay humble or the market will humble you.
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    Justa GirlandherMath
    Use moving averages with eyes on those cycles, great & small. Thanks for everything, be blessed, @CWC, @TradeWithMojo. "Cubs and Calves" nods to my animal rescue work, 30+ years; my trades help the furballs.
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    Glenn Suprenard
    Trading intraday cycles for close to 30 yrs. // contact via Skype: whatcycles
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    HotStockMarket com
    The HSM forums are an active investment community focused on equity, option and futures trading.
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    Tim Backshall
    18 years experience trading and managing global macroi risk.
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    Andrew Menaker, PhD
    Active trader, PhD in psych., perf. coach since 1995, translating neuroscience & BF into action to improve perf. Clients include some of the top traders in the world.
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    Russell Mascieri
    Full time trader, writer, hedge fund gen. partner, fisherman and chef. Latter two my best qualities, rarely an off day. Trust your eyes, not your ears.
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    Jamie G
    Professional Accountant / Day Trader
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    Day Trader Swing Trader Investor
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    John Gilner
    Full-Time Trader
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    Bubble Boy Trader
    Code Breaker: Ego. Financial Markets. Life
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    Paddy .
    15+ years sell/buy side experience, background in Equity Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis, Sales and Trading. Strategies traded include relative value, event driven, special situations, long/short and market neutral.
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    Richard Friesen
    Richard Friesen is a former CME/CBOT trader. Built a trading firm on the PSE. Also founded ePIT Systems an internet exchange application. Developer of Mind Musclesâ„¢ trader training process. Issued 7 patents on trader screen interfaces
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    Real Rocket Scientist, Wanna-be Trader. Trading systems programmer, specializing in Think or Swim and Ninja Trader
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    Anthony Brown
    31-year-old San Francisco native. I trade as more of a hobby (not a primary source of income) because I love price action and the markets! When not trading, I'm spending time with penguins.