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    Stefan Cheplick Official Account Joined Aug 23, 2011

    @StockTwits forever. My investment style is a mix of fundamental and technical analysis. I have two accounts: long-term holds and swing trades. 5+ years of watching and writing about markets... Yet still learning.


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      Dalia Research Official Account
      We ask millions of people questions, everyday. Use our consumer insights to guide your investments, mitigate risks and get ahead!
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      John Moschella Official Account
      After spending more than a decade analyzing companies in various capacities at UBS, GE Capital, and PwC, I have decided to venture off on my own. I now own a capital planning consulting firm, and run a financial modeling website
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      Gabriel cloutier
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      Market Realist Official Account
      Market Realist is a leading provider of institutional-quality investment research and analytics.
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      Finance Wizard
      Finance Wizard integrates with multiple sources to bring its users latest stock quotes, financial news, research tools and information on global markets
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      Jody Janson
      We provide young, growing companies the guidance, foundation, tools and partnerships necessary to BUILD and DEVELOP a sustainable and profitable long-term business focused on increasing shareholder value, market liquidity and brand recognition.
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      Buzz Indexes Official Account
      BUZZ Indexes allows investors to access insights from the millions of conversations online that people like you are having about stocks. NYSE listed, ticker symbol BUZ holds the 75 most positively talked about stocks across the social media landscape
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      Anthony Torchia
      Student at Quinnipiac University. Blogger for Dorm Room Capital. On the pursuit of happiness. Check out my website for setups/educational material
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      Spiridon C. Dalietos
      Financial Markets Fundamental & #TechnicalAnalysis #ElliottWave - Trader | #Business Information #Technologies | Tweets Not Financial Recommendations! Follow in Twitter @Dalietos
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      Mark Quarter
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      BullBoard Official Account
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      TopdownCharts Official Account
      Chart-driven global macro insights for investors.
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      Student of the Market. Trend & Position Trader. Absolute & Relative Strength. Intermarket Analysis. Stage Analysis. "Price is always correct, opinions are often wrong."
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      JOIN TODAY TO RECIEVE: ​ Day and Swing Trade Short-term Momentum Alerts, Trading & Investing Strategies To Help You Limit Losses And Lock In Gains Market Strategies|Trading Alerts|Chat Rooms
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      Process Engineer in the chemical industry with a passion for trading, music performance, health/wellness, friends and family. I work hard and play harder, so pull up a chair and let's tie one on.
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      Short term swing trader sharing ideas for constructive feedback, not chest thumping.
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      Your BreakOut Specialist
      For more than 8 years James had served as Editor-in-Chief an independently licensed website that offered services based on the CAN SLIM® investment system. He now maintains a watch list of high EPS/RS ranked stocks which looked poised to breakout.
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      Georg Bossi
      Member : FBT-Groups by ORKAN KUYAS ✦ More tan 9.500 traders in DE, CH & AT ✦ DAX / Indices, DE-, EU- & US-Stocks, FX and Commodities --➤ I'm Positon Trader since 2003 ...
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      I am analyzing each share that from my point of view looks interesting from technical and fundamental aspect. I suggest every one to check if the share that I analyze fit the risk that he wants to take. My share for Oct. 24, is ATEC targets 8.6&15
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      Trading for 7 years. Hit and run I always lock in profits even if I leave some on the table.I cut my losses short. I look at weekly and monthly charts and price action.