Scott Johnson Joined Dec 02, 2011


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    West coast swing/position trader focused on visual analysis over multiple time frames. I rarely day trade/play options. Do your DD on any position. I have a dry sense of humor, am a good sport and will answer your ?s. Trollish comments get blocked.
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    I am a electrical engineer by profession and like to learn and trade stocks
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    Chris Ali

    I am a 42 yr old former IBD trader. Price action, volume and chart patterns is all I got in my tool bag. I am a smart ass but very sensitive. Go figure. Please don't follow me blindly. Avg yearly return rate the last 6 yrs: 51% including 2014.
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    Chris B

    Mainly a swing trader. Don't usually day trade. I trade primarily 3XETF's and will hold them as long as I see a general uptrend. I dont usually trade TZA, FAZ or UVXY, unless its a no brainer. I will go to cash and sit in times of uncertainty.