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    Kaman Trading

    Started daytrading momo in 1997 got humbled in 2000 Hired at WON in 2000 learned CAN SLIM Quit WON in 2005 to trade prop at Assent rode the mega-leveraged daytrading humbled in 2009 Retail 4*1 since 2011 in between I had 2 girls too
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    Pocket Pivot System

    Active pro stock trader since 2006. Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple with Gil Morales pocket pivot system buy point.
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    Consultant in the energy business, part-time investor, generally do not trade unless R/R is "perfect" setup. Practice methods of Effective Volume and believe in the advantage it provides.
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    This account isn't in any way connected to my professional designation or that Co I work for. Mix of technical & fundamental analysis based on CAN SLIM.
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    Jean Paul Coutellier

    Independant active investor, trading US equities, mainly using the CAN SLIM method as well as the pocket pivot approach. I am Belgian and currently live in Southern France.
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    Full time speculator primarily in Growth companies. Integrate Can-Slim Approach
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    Rule-based discretionary trader w 15 years experience. Love your R-multiple, use worst-case scenario stops, and only buy enough so you still sleep at night. "If the Big Boys want it then I want it." If you watch prices all day then you own too much.
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    Pearls To Pigs

    Older Than Dirt Technical Trader
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    Drasko Kovrlija

    "It's About How Much You Don't Lose" - To succeed in this business you must learn how to protect your capital first.
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    I use the pivot point formula to figure out trading ranges for the day, week and month. And also a big fib retracements follower. Here's a link
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    Studied "How To Make Money In Stocks". Found the concept appealing. Adopted it. Made my own research. Found some flaws. Corrected them. Built my own investment strategy. Adhere to it. Here I am.
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    Brandon Hayward

    Daytrader. Stock market junkie. Looking for good set-ups. Will post breakout alerts and charts. All ideas are my opinion only. Follow me on Twitter: @VexTrades
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    Brysen Partridge

    I am a full time technical daytrader. Started at the end of 2009, it's been such a blessing to learn so much from so many great people. I am so thankful for all the people that I have been able to meet and continue to meet.
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    A K

    eye doctor with 20 years of trading at home experience but no background in finance...dont follow me...i will follow you ... averaging 10 % yearly returns but looking for fast money for adrenaline rush now
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    “Chartjunk refers to all visual elements in charts and graphs that are not necessary to comprehend the information represented on the graph, or that distract the viewer from this information.“ as defined by Wikipedia and Edward R. Tufte
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    Michael Kahn, CMT

    Chartist, technician, journalist, author
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    Top Stocks

    The mission of Top Stocks is to give investors strong stock investment ideas derived from proven research — not opinions. For those wanting to truly understand stocks and the market, Top Stocks provides a learning path to active investment research
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    Andrew Selby

    In pursuit of financial independence through systematically investing in CANSLIM stocks.
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    matt l.

    Trend following trader and Bio Ph.D student. How to make money in stocks 1) cut all losses 2) ride winners 3) keep bets small. Simple stuff.