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    Ken Joined Sep 02, 2009

    License to learn.


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      Swing Trade Warrior
      Pro trader & educator for a large Wall Street trading chat room. Become an educated, self sufficient master of risk. Real time education, alerts & results.
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      Twitter: @chartguys Official Account
      Technical Analysis Education & Community. Live Market Video Coverage, learn how to read charts & patterns with hundreds of like minded traders.
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      Zach Love
      Focusing mainly on Gold and Oil related ETFs. I trade daily NUGT DUST and sometimes UWTI. My objective is to make trading as profitable, automatic and maintenance free as possible. 2% per day average is my ultimate goal.
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      Stuart Turner
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      Len Kalos
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      Frederick Bailey
      35 year Wall St. Veteran, habitual contrarian, blending TA, macro, social media extremes for inflection points. Trade VXX, SPX, Oil in leveraged ETFs, natural bear but agnostic to direction. Abhors caustic, juvenile & unproductive posts.
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      Arma Jena
      French guy with a master in business swing trading for a living. Try to help others, looking for info and intelligent exchange. With minus 30% from CND to USD need 100% return so far so good even with debutant mistake!
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      Vinny Pardi
      Professional Electrical Engineer with a passion for trading and investing. I love Technical Analysis, but just 1 year under my belt and still trying my hand with different strategies. Hungry for knowledge. Constructive criticism welcome! A.M.D.G.
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      Vision without a plan is just a dream. Plan our trades and trade our plans. Business person of the year. Invest in game changers. Using both FA and TA for trading. Equities, ETFs, rarely options.
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      Nick vee
      Former Owner of a Stock Brokerage firm 17 years on Wall St Managed High Net worth clients primarily . Now just trading for myself my comments are not advice , it is just my opinions
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      feed me
      I bite
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      Live Squawk Official Account
      Audio news service for traders, brokers and other professionals who need up-to-the-second market news. Covers all asset classes.
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      27 yo swing trader w/+4 yrs of experience. Continually learning & being humbled by the Mrkets. Enjoys: charting w/Creativity. Strengths: Squeezing out profit. Tweets are opinions not advice.
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      zQuant Official Account
      Day/swing trading strategy combines 28 algorithms and targets 300% in annual return. Algo returned 242% in 10 months. Sign-up for our daily trades at Please follow us that we can communicate via PMs.
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      Thomas Jefferson
      A simple Virginia farmer and staunch advocate for Reason, Rationality and Independence.
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      Cody Freeman
      Relative Strength trend trader. I manage private accounts, focusing on technical trends and risk management.
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      Peeptrade is a financial technology platform that organizes all of the markets information into one place and where you can even see how expert investors trade in real time. Posts are highlights from our social feed displayed with user's consent.
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      Ben Silverberg
      Man About Town; Raconteur; Adventurer; Drawn To The Markets Everyday; A Student of Wall Street
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      TraderPlanet Official Account
      Daily market stories with actionable trading ideas. Educational features aimed at making you a better trader.