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    Mr.Right Joined Jan 05, 2016

    haters gonna hate and traders gonna trade my ego gets to the best of me people say but i sure do make alot of money calls$$$


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      Adam Wood
      Past US Navy - Enlisted (Post 9/11) US Naval Academy - G.W. Bush Nom. International Consultant Current Harvard International Economics: Writer
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      Doesn't matter what the experts say or how the crowds play, do your own research & follow your own convictions. I respect fundamentals & technicals but I am a Macro guy at heart... (I am not an investment adviser. Trade at your own risk! And smile!)
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      Disclaimer: Charts, trades and setups are for informational and entertainment purposes only, and not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Trade at your own risk.
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      Mr . Right
      Employed at SAI Broker Dealer, Experienced Trader, Love Options, Credit Spreads, and Calendar Debit Spreads. Don't fall in love with stocks, they dont care about you.
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      Keeping it real
      Specialize in trading all things oil, everything expressed is in my opinion only. Good luck!
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      Brian Stockman
      I have been in this game for many years. I am self taught, very experienced, and knowledgeable of the market. I am mostly a technical swing or day trader. My main interest is stocks, long or short. Rewarding, entertaining, and educational.
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      Driven by Facts. Tracking the Oil and Gas Markets. Always willing to offer advice or help newcomers! Just Follow and message me! Contact me to join a Slack channel for Stock Advice/Discussion