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    Jason B

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    Susie Lift

    picture taken 2 weeks before my last comp.--place 57th out of 62--I can lift anything but stock prices-- consume 4500 calories p/day--chicken fish Brussels sprouts and protein drink--vodka at night when I dance @ Billys on 7th Ave & 25th St NYC
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    Juan Doe

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    Annie post

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    Stephen Krochta

    Born again trader.....part-time while my passion lies within firefighting. Like to trade on technicals, options, and momentum. Not afraid to dance where the devil treads.
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    Michael Bigger

    Michael Bigger is an investor and a trader who has been involved with trading technologies for more than twenty years. He runs the Bigger Capital Fund, LP and he manages money for many institutional investors.
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    Lin Yingjun

    Linvest Research provides unique Financial Market research & technical analysis including Indexes, Stocks, ETFs, Currencies and Commodities. We are working to build a smarter consensus. Ideas & Analysis are personal opinion and not investment advice.
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    Scott Smith

    Was a very active, successful trader. Serious injury with no insurance drained my savings. Got married. My incredibly smart wife suggested that I stop talking to the TV on how to trade and to use my knowledge instead to help others. So, here I am.
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    Timothy Kelleher

    Quasar Trading - CBSX Member Firm (Trader - Manager) (Director - Moderator)
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    StockTwits Help Desk

    We're here to help. You can also call us at 1-888-STK-TWIT
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    Cory Holman

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    Brian Shannon, CMT

    Pro trader. Author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes. Most stocks I mention on stockwits are short term.