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    Jamie Saettele
    Jamie Saettele, CMT has been an active trader since 2005, is co-founder of SB Trade Desk, and Senior Technical Strategist at Forex Capital Markets in New York and author of Sentiment in the Forex Market. Risk Disclaimer:
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    Kevin Cook Official Account
    Traded interbank FX for 10 years doing spot-futures arb. Joined Zacks Investment Research May 2011 after I discovered their powerful stock trading model using earnings momentum.
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    eFXnews Official Account
    eFXnews enables foreign exchange market players with timely access to key financial reports and analyses.
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    Chris Burba, CMT Official Account
    Author, Market Technician at miAnalysis, Inc. I started my career in markets in 1999 and analyze stocks, ETFs, bonds, forex and commodities. Comments are not recommendations. Lucky husband, proud father. Future Ironman.
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    Elliott Wave Source
    At Elliott Wave Source, our mission is to improve our client’s knowledge of the Elliott wave theory and to provide a road map to aid in navigating through one of the most difficult endeavors to conquer; the financial markets.
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    Stocks Options Forex
    Staying consistent and disciplined is key. The grand slam is $ARTH. Long & adding since .19. What's yours?
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    Brandt Hackney
    I'm the author of and my member's site, I've been trading for almost 14 years, have taught Technical Analysis for 4 years and won 6 awards for T.A.
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    Quantts Managed Forex Account
    Quantts trades the Forex Market, based on proprietary quantitative models. Our aim is to make consistent returns every month. There is no secret in our success: Consistent model trading.
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    Duke Global
    We are a team of trading experts dedicated to helping people become profitable in the Forex Markets. With close to 20 years of trading experience we truly understand the ebbs and flows of the market.
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    Andy Nyquist Official Account
    Founder of investing research site, @seeitmarket. Active Investor/Technician. New Age Media. Sports Aficionado. Husband and Father of 3. Views are mine - not investing advice.
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    Forex Chrome Ltd
    Sharing profits
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    Zachary A. Musso
    ΣΧ Lambda Upsilon | Intraday Energy Futures Trader | Young Buck @sanglucci | @BentleyU '14 Finance Major, Politics & Entrepreneurship Minors #TNDO
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    Tim Sholl
    Professional trader and broker since 1983. If you would like to set up a demo or live account to follow my signals email me at US regulations do not allow me to set up accounts for US residents Regards Tim
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    Many traders asked me the secret of profitable trading. There are three golden rules: confidence; max amount-ONLY ¼ of available trading fund in market; analysis of important financial releases immediately after being available.
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    the triEND is your friEND My blog where i provide any important info i get--->
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    GC Mays
    Analyst G C Mays is expanding his coverage universe to include the food value chain from seed to supermarket. He also does macroeconomic analysis. Greetings
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    Eventually you will realize there's a lot of noise even on this web site. Once you do, you'll become a better investor. Learn what you can from people, but eventually you have to tread your own path.
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    Francis Tan
    I don't ask for opinions so keep them to yourselves. I am a dumb trend follower. You may help yourself to my money on the table. I only take trades when price says so; not some glamorous noise that fools fools.