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    My trades are recorded in realtime at tradejotter.com . My trader handle there is kangarootrader. This is the personal account and is not connected in any way to a professional designati.
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    Stock Market = Ponzi
    Proprietary pattern recognition algo system. Wyckoff. 90% daily success rate since Feb'15. If you like what I'm doing consider opening a Coinbase.com account with the link below (you get $5) & send bitcoin to 13wKbwnDcwjCN9Ug4YGZaFgjgKJ5j1xrER
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    Michael S Robinson Utah
    Michael Robinson has a passion for providing value to his real estate clients by providing creative win/win solutions to their real estate needs. Michael and his partners have been involved with the re-development of 1000’s of homes and multi-family
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    Chaikin Analytics LLC
    Pro Tools for Individual Investors: Find the Winners, Drop the Losers • Stock Ideas, Insights and In-Depth Research • Free Educational Webinars • Created by stock market expert Marc Chaikin
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    The StockDragon Group
    SwingVector is a unique Trade Action Conformation Tool that correlates with any Fibonacci & Elliot Wave Forecast. The Wave Packet Vector, Front and Phase Velocities, and Group Velocity Trade Action Ranges, are for Education and Entertainment Only.
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