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    Smoug Kass

    I'm the greatest trader alive. Listen to me. Listen to me!!! You better listen to me!!
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    I am here for the karma

    70% Options Trader and 30% Swing trader. Here to share ideas and meet some great people. My favorite strategies. 1. Throw hope out the window and trade to a plan. 2. Follow the volume in and follow the volume out. 3. Respect stops.
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    Pearls To Pigs

    Older Than Dirt Technical Trader
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    B.S. Applied Mathematics (Probability, Statistics, Stochastic Calculus, Modeling)
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    Ananthan Thangavel

    Absolute return wealth management firm. Unprecedented client transparency. Clients average +67% in 2010 net of fees. Tweeting latest commodities research.
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    Roberto Pedone

    Trendfollower trader (independent), senior contributor for & Chart reading junkie. Pattern recognition chart player. Day/swing trader. Love small caps. Give me a catalyst! Follow me on TWITTER for all posts @zerosum24
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    Grace Tenkay

    Day trader, swing trader, position trading too. Providing market liquidity from coast to coast.
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    Former NYSE Floor Traders offering Premium REAL TIME trade alerts & technical analysis on equities, made in our own accounts & sent to members in real time "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"
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    Patricia Baum

    I am one those rare dying breeds called the retail investor. Have a reg. job that I enjoy very much. Learned investing w/ option sprds. more profitable. Still hold shares once in a while.
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    Ben C Banks

    18 year old student of the financial markets, Eagle Scout and avid long distance runner. Romans 8:31.
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    Seasonal Odds

    Hedge fund class statistical computing, machine learning, and risk-analysis in your browser. Profile in Institutional Investor:
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    I am a full time trader of equities, options, and futures(20 plus years of experience), utilizing my proprietary software on the TRADESTATION PLATFORM.
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    Real Estate Broker - Pham

    Entrepreneur & Founder/CEO of AAAE Investments, LLC. Mechanical Engineer - Kansas. California Real Estate Broker. We have been invest in REO homes since 2008 - Mission impossible. Turn 25K to millions with option trading.
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    StockTwits Data

    Curated Market Focused Data
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    Kenneth Rostron

    RIA, HCAM of RJF BBA Fin Acct. McCombs school of Business. And a bunch of other Items
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    Ravee Mehta

    Investor and Author of "The Emotionally Intelligent Investor: How Self-Awareness, Empathy and Intuition Drive Performance". Prior experience at Soros, Karsch Capital and DLJ
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    Former Trader for Goldman Sachs after a career with the Oakland Raiders. Retired and trade for my own account.