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Full time investor since 2002.


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    Alan Rohrbach

    Ex-trader/broker turned institutional advisor/educator 30 years ago. Experience sez 'Macro' rules; use all tools. More at website 'About Us' and 'Interviews'
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    Peter Pham

    Peter Pham is a capital market specialist and entrepreneur. With expertise as a Head of Institutional Sales and Trading he closely watches the market and probes for investment opportunities..
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    Frank Zorrilla

    Frank Zorrilla portfolio manager of Zor Capital LLC. Long/Short trader, author of Zortrades.com blog, husband, dad, cigar aficionado, student of the market
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    Maribeth Willoughby

    Follow me on twitter @mb_willoughby
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    The Trading Desk

    Proprietary Trading Desk in NYC backing discretionary and quant traders. SMBU.com is our trader education company.
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    Todd Johnson

    I seek absolute returns.
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    Dividend Buddy

    Your Financial Friend Free financial advice, data, opinions & news. Visit www.dividendbuddy.com Follow us on Twitter @DividendBuddy Like Us on Facebook & make more buddies. http://www.facebook.com/DividendBuddy
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    Thank you for stopping by! Please use this website as a resource to determine which dividend stocks are right for your retirement portfolio, as well as learn helpful, time saving investing hints.
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    Dividend Yield

    Not a millionaire but I live off dividends. Over the recent 10 years I quadrupled my net worth by dividend growth stock trading. Follow me and learn how I work.
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    Daniel B. Ravicher

    Attorney | Lecturer | Trader
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    Ashraf Laidi

    Over 15 yrs experience in FX & mult-asset portfolio management
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    Fari Hamzei

    High Gamma Options and Futures Trader, Nationally Ranked Market Timer
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    Scott Edward Anderson

    Founder of TheGreenSkeptic.com, Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic, and VerdeStrategy. Clean tech investor, entrepreneur, and award-winning poet. Global Marketing Director for Cleantech at Ernst & Young LLP. Opinions mine.
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    dan conway

    Dad, husband, adventurer...8+ years indie prod...Shearson Lehman etc for 11 years....former motion picture executive. Now busy living.
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    Leavitt Brothers

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    Brian Shannon, CMT

    Pro trader. Author of Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes. Most stocks I mention on stockwits are short term.
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    Harry Boxer

    TheTechTrader.com features Harry Boxer's real-time technical analysis & trade alerts for short-term stock traders. It includes a live chat room & live chart screencast by Harry, an award-winning stock picker & 40-year Wall Street veteran.
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    Michael Lamothe

    Founder of ChartYourTrade.com, Co-Organizer of the NYC IBD Meetup Group, I follow the CAN SLIM methodology. Also follow me on Twitter: @MichaelGLamothe
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    David Merkel

    David J. Merkel, CFA is Principal of the equity asset management firm Aleph Investments, LLC, and writes The Aleph Blog.
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    Tsachy Mishal

    Tsachy Mishal is the Portolio Manager at TAM Capital Management Inc.. He holds an MBA from Columbia University in Investment Management. He is the author of the investment blog Capital Observer.