Bullets For The Day

  • DOJ Seizes $3.6 Billion: In the largest financial seizure in history, the U.S. has seized about $3.6 billion in Bitcoin stolen from Bitfinex during a 2016 hack of the Bitcoin exchange. Two people were detained earlier in the morning. Read more in Bloomberg.
  • BlackRock plans to offer crypto trading: The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, is getting ready to offer its investors a cryptocurrency trading service. The New York-based company is planning to enter the cryptocurrency space by offering ‘client support trading and then offering their own credit facility.’ Read more in CoinDesk.
  • Dog enters the metaverse: Popular meme-coin Shiba Inu will soon enter the metaverse. The developers have said the protocol would soon offer plots of virtual lands in an upcoming project. Read more in Hypebeast.

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Dear. God. Those. Liquid. Ations.

When bulls get liquidated, bears get excited. When bears get liquidated, bulls get excited. 😁

I have no idea what happens when everyone gets liquidated. From Glassnode’s Liquidation Heatmap, here’s this insane look.

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One Way To Use Stocktwits’ Social Data Tools

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘volume precedes price’? It’s an old-school technical analysis 101 maxim. For example, if an instrument is in a downtrend but then you start to see volume tick up, the theory is that price will follow the volume. 🧑‍🎓

It’s what technical analysts call a leading indicator—a heads-up or a warning that the probability of change is high and that it might happen soon. Analysts and traders might apply that principle (volume precedes price) to the Stocktwits Social Data. 

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BlockFi Customers Rejoice!

BlockFi’s customers might finally feature a financial comeback, thanks to a deal with FTX and Alameda Research. 😍

How much? Up to $874 million, contingent on court approval. This settlement could be the lifeline for customers left adrift after the 2022 crypto upheaval.

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