Akash Network (AKT)

Market Cap: $891 billion

YTD: +59.54%

Project Focus: Akash Network ($AKT) brands itself as the world’s first decentralized cloud computing marketplace, providing a fast, efficient, and low-cost alternative to traditional cloud services. It is designed to enable cloud-based applications to run on a decentralized network of computers, utilizing unused computing capacity in data centers and servers around the globe.

What Makes It Unique: Akash’s proposition is unique in that it challenges the status quo of cloud computing by offering a decentralized solution significantly cheaper than conventional cloud providers. Its platform incentivizes the leasing of underutilized computing power, making it accessible for various applications, including AI and machine learning workloads, thus fostering innovation by lowering entry barriers.

AKTUSD Daily Chart – Click to enlarge.

Akash Network doesn’t show the same extremes that we saw on RNDR, AGIX, or FET. If bulls are looking for a laggard in the space, this is one of them. 

Fundamentally, it faces a lot of competition inside and outside of crypto. 

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