Your Litepaper Just Got Moar Ossum

That’s right. Your Litepaper is getting upgraded. 👍

You’re getting two more days of the Litepaper: Tuesday and Thursday.

Monday and Thursday will be ‘news’ focused. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday will be heavy on technical analysis, trade setups, and all that jazz. We’ll have stuff for beginners and pros. 

If you like or don’t like this new schedule/setup, please reach out! Trolls welcome, I bathe in your hate, so don’t hold back. 🫂

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Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High Then Someone Punched It In The Face

I’m a crypto fanatic. I am constantly observing and looking at what’s going on, and like many of you, the past couple of days, I’ve been glued to my screen or phone waiting for the news when Bitcoin hit a new all-time high. 👀

And now I need your help. Because I need someone to figure out the odds of someone like me, MISSING THE GODDAMN EVENT BECAUSE OF A DR’S APPOINTMENT.

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February Was Amazing

Historically, $BTC usually closes in the green in February. 2024’s Feb close brings the score to eleven bullish closes vs. three bearish closes since 2011. 👍

However, despite the high number of bullish closes for February, its average performance is very ‘meh.’ But not this year.

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Technically Speaking – February 26, 2024

Bitcoin hit $54,000, bla bla bla, and Ethereum hit $3,200. Yes, that’s awesome, but if you’re like me, I want to know what hasn’t moved yet or is about to break out or, even more importantly, what might be hitting some profit-taking/reversal zones. 💡

Also, if you want to learn, check out our Ichimoku 101 article here, or watch this instructional video here. 

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