Top 10 Market Cap Staking Yields – May 20, 2023

The table below is the current (May 19, 2023) staking yield rates of the top ten Proof-Of-Stake cryptocurrencies by market cap. 

Staked % is what percent of the total supply of that cryptocurrency is currently used to earn staking rewards – sometimes called ‘Lock-Up.’

The Lock-Up Period is how long crypto must stay staked before you can withdraw it and/or any rewards earned. 

Nominal Yields are the rewards listed, whereas Real Yield is the expected return when factoring in other costs, factors, or changes like inflation rates (not listed). 

It should also be noted that calculations and factors for Real Yields can vary substantially from one week to the next. Additionally, the Nominal Yield may have an expected range but is not guaranteed. For example, Polkadot’s ($DOT.X) Nominal Yield is advertised/listed between 8% to 14%. 

Another factor to consider is that the rewards are not in US Dollars but in token/crypto your stake. Staking Cardano ($ADA.X) rewards you in ADA and so forth. 

This table is updated weekly. 

Crypto Nominal Yield % Real Yield % Staked % Lock-Up Period
Ethereum (ETH) 7.89% (+0.38) 9.01% (+0.88) 15.02% (+0.24) 12+ Months
BNB (BNB) 2.63% (+0.04) 8.39% (+0.06) 14.81% (-0.10) 7 Days
Cardano (ADA)
3.15% (-0.05)
0.33% (+0.08)
63.26% (-0.14)
Polygon (MATIC)
6.92% (+1.80)
3.79% (+1.10)
38.52% (-0.06)
21 Days
Polkadot (DOT) 15.03% (-0.08) 7.72% (-0.14) 42.05% (+0.65) 28 Days
Internet Computer (ICP)
3.71% (-1.95)
0.25% (-0.09)
73.13% (-0.30)
180 Days
3.88% (+0.08)
1.79% (+0.08)
43.29% (-1.00)
3 Days
Avalanche (AVAX)
1.36% (+0.17)
59.18% (-1.59)
14 Days
Cosmos (ATOM)
21.55% (-0.29)
3.55% (-0.19) 69.69% (+0.49) 21 Days
Solana (SOL)
6.38% (-0.08)
-0.79% (+0.03)
71.52% (-0.80)
5 Days


There were no changes to the top ten list this week. 

$ICP‘s drop in its Nominal Yield brings it down nearly -5% over the past two weeks. 

Still no explanation on what happened with the -82% drop in $BNB‘s staked % from nine weeks ago. 

$SOL remains the only asset with a negative Real Yield. 

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