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    tom tuttle Joined Sep 07, 2012

    Was 20 years in military.Very concerned Chinese will "outgame" in many fields (mining,gold reserves,banking,crrncy) making our fantastic weaponry bit moot. We've stillJudeo-X-tian Heritage(hope!)"R we still BALLS 2theWall (bourse)" as Tepper intoned?


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      Oliver Sloup
      Senior Account/Managed Futures Specialist at iiTRADER. Visit our website for our free in-house research. Also check out our CTA's and Systems
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      tom hamm
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      Alan Rich
      I have been a professional trader for 15 years and have had the privilege of working all over the world. I have appeared on television and in many financial publications. I have won trading competitions and lectured at seminars. I love the game.
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      The Stock Life
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