1. EEENF (Bound to make another big run) 2. $INCT (big week) 3. PSWW (News dropping next week according to Twitter) 4. $FERN (This will be big) 5. ILUS (Be patient, big news coming) 6. HALB (I expect a rebound) 7. $PVDG (News should be coming and fast rebound) 8. VMHG (Current should be this week) 9. LTNC (Could still run more but be very careful it already ran HARD) 10. WSGF (Buy and hold for App Drop) 11. FTXP (I will talk more about this soon) 12. $KYNC (same ceo as ICBU, expecting big news) 13. $USEI (pink soon, and PR to be released by the CEO) 14. MDMP (very active stock, can blow any moment) Please Wait for huge dips, don’t chase any of these. Most of this will dip soon, it will be a good time to get in. PVDG, USEI and MDMP is a good one to get in now, it has dipped so much, it can rebound hard anytime) Follow me long enough and you will get more news on upcoming highly potential stocks. Aim for swing trades. Twitter: @mtharmar5 (Jay_Billionaire27)