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    Kevin Shaplin Joined Feb 20, 2011


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      Ed Carter
      20yr experience Swing Trading and Coaching. Ultra-focused on the Process, Trade Planning and Discipline. I concentrate on Price Action, Support/Resistance and Trend using chart patterns. Developer of Trader Vision 20/20 trading support software.
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      Doug Campbell
      27 years trading experience. Full time trader for more than 12 years. Operate the Right Way Options trading service Full-Time trader, teacher and coach.
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      Rob M. S.
      Private Financial Analyst. Specializing in US mkts: Tech, Bio, Oil, Bitcoin/Eth, Gold. 20+ yrs exp. in stock chart patterns and industry analysis for successful positional, technical trading. I use my own algos and insight for recs. Proud USMC Vet.
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      Jakub Kapusnak
      26 y.o. from Prague, Czech Republic. Buying momentum in high potential growth stocks with institutional support. KISS dude - price, vol, EMA10, 21, 65. Deciding off monthly/weekly, timing on daily. Holding for months. Building wealth.
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      Darshil Patel
      Lets all just pretend that this is a really clever bio!
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      Aaron Jackson Official Account
      Swing Trader. Top Down Technical Analysis. Voted Stocktwits Rising Star of 2016
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      Steve Risner
      Full time trader in Stocks, Options, and Futures. Have been actively trading since 1997. Focus is on Day and Swing trading.
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      Vincent Jansen
      A wannabe quant. I use regressions & neural networks to find undervalued stocks with strong earnings and price histories.
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      Vincent Cervone
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      big dipper
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      The Speculator
      Trade the F'n Cart. Focused on Pure momentum and IPOs. + 30% ytd
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      Work in the Biotech Industry, so I trade mostly Bios. Occasionally day trader, mostly Swing and LT Biggest holdings GILD, SGYP, AVEO, and IDRA Loving life in California!
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      Real name is Wolfe. IG, Snap, and Twitter: @everytimeicash I dont care about your positions nor your opinions; just the data. Learn more about me here:
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      The premier destination for both new or experienced active traders who are looking for stock picks, stock ideas, how to get started trading stocks, and overall stock market education.
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      Greg Krupinski Official Account
      I'm a CPA who loves to study the markets & hopes to profit from them. I believe price is the most important & best data available when making decisions.
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      Darvas Trading
      Bringing Fundamentals and Technicals together, Trading system based on the book by Nicholas Darvas. 20 yrs experience, God bless America
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      Frank Zorrilla Official Account
      Frank Zorrilla portfolio manager of Zor Capital LLC. Long/Short trader. Finding Stocks before they breakout. Sign Up for our stock of the week here
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      Screens for high growth and great charts, regular guy not a pro, large cap and small cap stocks, owns a remote lakeside cabin, left handed, adventurer
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      Sunrise Trader Official Account
      Trader trading the trend. Trade in a state of grace. Family friends laughter health and time to play important to me. Living life in alignment with 'what is' My posts are not advice. My opinions your wallet.
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      15+ years of full-time experience successfully scanning 24/7 for Explosive Leadership Stocks & Fresh Breakout Sectors for 1000s of Paying subscribers. Namaste. ♡