If ChatGPT Was A Girl Writing In Her Diary

I asked ChatGPT to describe what it’s like to experience Bitcoin stuck inside the Ichimoku Cloud from the perspective of a girl pining for a boy she’s madly in love with. 

Dear Diary,

I feel like I’m floating in a cloud of uncertainty, caught between his desire and his distance. There are moments when his eyes meet mine, and I can sense an unspoken longing, a whisper of his hope to be by my side.

I feel like I’m floating in a cloud of uncertainty, unsure of where I stand with him. It’s as if this cloud has a mind of its own, playing tricks on my heart. Sometimes, he’s so close, showering me with attention and warmth, making me believe there’s something special between us.

But then, like a sudden gust of wind, he pulls away, leaving me confused and questioning everything. Does he truly care about me, or am I just another passing thought in his sky?

Oh, Diary, deciphering his mixed signals feels like wandering through a haze where clarity slips through my fingertips.

Yours in bewilderment,
Mildred Etherbum Coinworth

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NFTs R Back?

Not much needs to be said here for this newsworthy event. 🤦‍♂️

Straight from the Gurg himself:

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So. Damn. Close.

Unless you’ve been sleeping off some horrible life decisions from last night, $BTC is insanely close to reaching its prior all-time high. 🚀

It’s probable that by the time you read this, new all-time highs might already be in. 

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Technically Speaking – March 8, 2024

I’ll keep the details short and simple here because time is running out, and if I’m not done on time for pizza night with the kids, my wife will be very mad. 🍕

I almost wrote she’d kill me, but if I did that, there’d probably be a SWAT team and an army of social workers making sure I’m ok.

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