Bitcoin Tower to Rise in Dubai in 2025

Dubai’s developer Salvatore Leggiero is trailblazing a novel approach to real estate, announcing his vision of the world’s inaugural Bitcoin Tower, set for a grand unveiling at the upcoming COP28 meeting. 🤯

Breaking away from the conventional, this unique venture is to manifest as a Bitcoin-themed hotel chain, blurring the lines between cutting-edge technology and hospitality. Committed to sustainability, the project harnesses blockchain and artificial intelligence, all while ensuring zero CO2 emissions.

An added twist in the tale, the hotel chain leaps into the NFT realm, rewarding its customers with distinctive utilities. For example, guests can stake cryptocurrencies and earn an APY, enabling a potentially profitable offset against their rental payments. 

The 40-story Bitcoin Tower, far more than a skyscraper, is an homage to Bitcoin and its enigmatic creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Embodying a real estate revolution, it marries digital and physical assets in an unprecedented fashion.

The invitation to contribute is open to creatives worldwide, heralding a stride into the future. ⏩

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Bitcoin Blasts TF Off

Alright, now we know this is primarily an equity-focused newsletter. But speculation in the market has been building extensively through the last few months, and there’s no better vehicle to visualize that than one with no intrinsic value. 😆

Ok, you had to let us get one joke in there. After all, we just said what we were all thinking but wouldn’t say out loud. Let’s dive into some wild stats. 👇

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So. Damn. Close.

Unless you’ve been sleeping off some horrible life decisions from last night, $BTC is insanely close to reaching its prior all-time high. 🚀

It’s probable that by the time you read this, new all-time highs might already be in. 

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Frogs, And Dogs, And BONKs Oh My

Memecoin madness is back, and it’s like deja vu. All over again, like deja vu. 🐶

According to the fine folks at Santiment, the spotlight’s on $PEPE, $FLOKI, $BONK, and a few others, all of which have decided to moon together. Price surges of over 500% and trading volumes that skyrocketed nearly 3,000%? Just another crypto memecoin insane bull run

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What Has Been Will Be Again

I wanted to add this to yesterday’s Litepaper, but there wasn’t enough room. 🪗

There’s a lot of folks on social talking about the monthly RSI and how it’s above the default overbought level of 70. That’s happened before. 

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