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    Forex, Commodity, Index and Options


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      Crab Claw
      King-Shill-aka(Crab Claw) I used2B Beer Money-Now IM All Year Money❤️when u block me I wave my finger every-time #DikembeMutumbo -Stockmarket is Las Vegas in your living room - EVERY GAMBLER DIES BROKE. If my Mom was a Stock I would Short sell her 2
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      Frank R
      Visit Disclaimer: TAOD = Trade at your Own Discretion. All Opinions Stated are Solely Mine & Not Affiliated with any Business/Financial Firm/Entity. No Financial Advice / Solicitation : TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK
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      Technical swing trader with a pinch of fundamental influence. Always a student to the market and want to share my experiences with others. Follow me on Instagram: @Stockchartsdaily Follow me on twitter: RxTrader @letsinvestnow
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      Steve Platt/OptionsDayTrader77
      Founder/CEO of The #1 Options Trading Community with live chat, training, forums, and trading systems. I text my plays (open/close) live! Check us out! All my posts are MY opinion. Do your own DD when trading.
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      Dana Lyons Official Account
      Editor of The Lyons Share l Partner at JLFMI, RIA l Founder of I Original YahooFinance Contributor: l Husband, Father of 3 (3,4,5) Wharton/Penn FB l Posts≠recommendation to buy or sell anything
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      Paban Pandey Official Account
      19 years in industry. Equities. Macro. Technicals. Derivatives.
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      Sign up @
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      Troy Bombardia
      Hedge fund manager. Sharing my thoughts on the U.S. stock market. Not a perma-bear. Just watching out for bear markets.
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      The club isn't the best way to find a lover so the markets is where I go. AMD or Bust
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      Nhat Nguyen
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      The Penny Guys
      Free support to penny stock traders. We focus on technical indicators, momentum, and high volatility trends. Follow to receive technical scans, live support, and our daily MoneyLists. Site is being used for donations to upgrade our systems.
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      Kevin MacDonoughy
      40 Years of Experience on Wallstreet. Focus on Pennystocks / Bios / Small Caps
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      Algorythmic Penny Stock Finds
      Currently using mathematical algorithms to find stocks in real-time. Strategy Net Gain: 640% 6/24 - 7/24. Will be posting Strategy results daily! FREE entry into room to receive alerts first. | Not Investment Advice
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      Momentum DayTrader! Working with 15 Year Trader Veteran in Real Time Chatroom. Every Alert is sent out in real time before the move! Come try it for 3 Days FREE! Link Below
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      Swing trading and long term investing. Posts are just my opinions. Please always do your DD. Trade Ideas:
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      Specialty, microcaps, nanocaps aka penny stocks (NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX). LEARN ABOUT PENNY STOCKS at Tweet: #Stocktrading #Videos #Charts
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      bio stock
      Trader, Investor, Speculator. Looking for opportunities before herd rush in. My posts are not a buy or sell recommendation. Invest at your own risk
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      Derek Tanner
      B.B.A., Finance, Economics
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      Register at with your StockTwits account and fill out your watchlists to receive customized earnings notifications
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      Warren of Wall St Official Account
      Warren is the @SimplyWallSt mascot who helps you find great long term investment ideas. Get 3 months of our Investor plan FREE: