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    David Stendahl Official Account Joined Jun 13, 2013

    I focus on trading the global futures markets from a 100% systematic perspective. Tweets are commentary only. Trade at your own risk and analysis.


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      Former Sr. Analyst and flawed trader.
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      Henrique M. Simões Official Account
      My name is Henrique M. Simoes. I am a systematic trader and the author of Trading Course: How to Become a Consistently Winning Trader.
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      if your buy-in feels like a sure thing it's probably a loser.
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      Nathan Sorrell
      56 yrs old. Stock and Level IV options trader and investor. Day and swing trading. I go long and short, with emphasis on short. Traded stocks since 1999, mutual funds before that. I trade my own money only.
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      Economic Calendar Official Account is a financial news website that provides market commentary on forex, indices, commodities, and economic events.
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      The Chartiste
      The modern art of technical analysis.
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      Futures Magazine Official Account
      News, analysis and strategies for futures, options, forex and stock traders by Dan Collins and Yesenia Duran.
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      Thomas Warren
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      Ira Epstein
      Have been in the Futures markets since 1969. Have owned, run and managed my account business that deals with retail customer accounts. My brokers and I pride ourselves on one-on-one service to our customers
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      I started Investing/Trading during the Summer of 2016 - one month before the August mini crash - a bad year. I have used the experience as an education. I have a target to turn $50k to $125K USD to pay towards an MBA at INSEAD in France.
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      BamaTrader Official Account
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      Patrick Rooney
      20 years as a trader...CME floor, managed futures, prop trading, bank / FCM order desk, hedge fund. Shareholder @Trading_Tech
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      Anthony Crudele Official Account
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      Gavin Gewecke
      I like trading because of the psychological challenge it offers to those who pursue it. My main interest is risk management.
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      Steve Burns Official Account
      Option Trader, Trend Trader, Risk Manager, and author of the New Trader, Rich Trader book series. Helping new traders survive their first year in the market.
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      Investingcom Official Account is a leading financial web portal that offers real-time quotes, streaming charts, up-to-date financial news, technical analysis and more.
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      RCM Alternatives Official Account
      RCM Alternatives is a managed futures brokerage and research firm. Disclaimer: Managed futures and other alternative investments are complex and carry a risk of substantial losses. They are not suitable for all investors.
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      Luís Seixas Santos
      I am a private trader using propriety technical analysis with more than 18 years experience of investing in markets. Specialized in intraday trading of shares of Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX and Futures, Nymex, CME, CBOT and mergers & acquisition.