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      The Wall Street Bully
      Algorithmic Trading with Price Targets. Fibonacci Expert 10+ yrs exp w/ code based Technical Analysis. I'm having fun :-) are you with me? Subscribe for daily alerts on trades. On StockHoot as Arez "Fibonacci Trades"
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      Avail Trades
      DayTrader -+ OptionsTrader +- StockTrader -+ Trade At Your Own Risk
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      Nick Diesal
      ***Theta Decay Crew*** ***$200 Raybans crew*** #bearsquad
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      DarvasTrader is the home of the Nicolas Darvas stock trading system. is written and published by Darrin Donnelly.
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      reuven ohr
      im 37. used to b stockbroker. have dversified portfolio all timeframes, disciplines, sectors & markets. i play textbook & hig-quality technical & fundamental set-ups. i look for 3:1 Risk/Reward. prefer stocks $10+, 500k+ daily volume. i mentor free!!