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    Stephanie Spencer Joined Feb 19, 2013

    Structural Engineer, NPC National Figure Competitor, Trading Options to Retire....


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      Collin Peregoy
      Trade FOREX night and day! Nothing more rewarding than making profits...I have been trading FOREX since 2008 and I am a signals provider. I also help people learn to trade! Only 1% of people are actually profitable. I am that 1% :)
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      Dailyfx Pro
      DAILYFXPRO.COM is a financial services company that provides strategic investment management , Managed accounts with a focus on Forex Trading.
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      Professional Market Consultant
      Giving the retail trader the upper hand over turbulent markets for success trading options, futures, forex and stocks. Delivering deep foresight and uncanny trend forecasting at critical inflection points. Contact me, your success is my priority.
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      Ready to fight the cause against the people holding us back. We are all able to break though the wall and come out renewed on the other side. Profit and value. I am the 1% here!
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      Micah Spruill
      Co-founder of Aurora Investment Advisors | Quant Hedge Fund Co-manager | Financial Advisor | Entrepreneur | Wealth manager | Trader | Equities | Forex | Options
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      Clarence Guyton
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      A Long-term investor who dabbles in short-term trades because of all the opportunities out there.
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      systems trader
      Systematic momentum trader, 15+ years, long/short, Quantitative price-based strategies, no predictions/opinions. Multiple Trend Following programs.
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      James Van Aert
      Rock n Roll + Equities...I hope they love me back! Been Tough since 09 - I have been buying $F (as low as 1.30) $Siri 14 cents..$BAC at 3 bucks. The market is manipulated by Shorts + loosers that folded instead of ALL IN ~ $BBRY $EGLE $SBLK
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      We post trade ideas from a technical perspective