Nobody’s Cheering The SEC

Legal shtuff is boring. If you’ve read some of our stories about something called an ‘Amicus Brief,’ think of it like a sports game, and someone who files an amicus brief for one party in court is a ‘fan’. 

Using that analogy, this is what Team Ripple’s ($XRP) fan base looks like:

And here’s what the SEC’s looks like:

How many entities have filed as ‘Friends of the Court’ for Ripple? Well, another just joined yesterday (VeriDAO). That brings the total to twelve.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse took to Twitter, sharing his/Ripple’s attorney, and commented that 12 amici briefs are “… unprecedented….”

Things are looking better and better for Ripple and for the broader crypto community as a whole. 

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Bitcoin Blasts TF Off

Alright, now we know this is primarily an equity-focused newsletter. But speculation in the market has been building extensively through the last few months, and there’s no better vehicle to visualize that than one with no intrinsic value. 😆

Ok, you had to let us get one joke in there. After all, we just said what we were all thinking but wouldn’t say out loud. Let’s dive into some wild stats. 👇

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Technically Speaking – March 8, 2024

I’ll keep the details short and simple here because time is running out, and if I’m not done on time for pizza night with the kids, my wife will be very mad. 🍕

I almost wrote she’d kill me, but if I did that, there’d probably be a SWAT team and an army of social workers making sure I’m ok.

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News In Three Sentences – February 28, 2024

Great Zeus’s Beard That’s A Lot: BTC ETF trading volume spiked over $7.5 billion, more than double its previous record. 😱 WatcherGuru has more

BlackRock Turns Bitcoin ETFs into Its Own Personal Money Printer: BlackRock’s ($BLK) massive $520 million infusion into $BTC ETFs, combined with Europe’s unrelenting buying spree and a nifty GBP arbitrage opportunity on $COIN, propelled Bitcoin past the $60,000 mark despite expectations of a pause. Short-sellers everywhere are now questioning their life decisions. 🚀    Read more from TrustNodes

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February Was Amazing

Historically, $BTC usually closes in the green in February. 2024’s Feb close brings the score to eleven bullish closes vs. three bearish closes since 2011. 👍

However, despite the high number of bullish closes for February, its average performance is very ‘meh.’ But not this year.

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