There’s Liquidations And Then There’s City Spanning Sink Holes

If you thought yesterday’s Litepaper highlighting the $713 in liquidations was bad, well, it got worse. 😱

I hope none of these people are married – Click to enlarge.

$804.30 million in longs and $259.04 in shorts for a whopping $1.06 billion in liquidations affecting nearly 300,000 traders. 

Again, sometimes leverage is a double-edged sword, and other times it’s like Bill, who walks up to a guillotine, puts his head in the headrest, then shouts to his buddy Frank, “Hey, watch this!” before pulling the string. 🔪

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Technically Speaking – March 8, 2024

I’ll keep the details short and simple here because time is running out, and if I’m not done on time for pizza night with the kids, my wife will be very mad. 🍕

I almost wrote she’d kill me, but if I did that, there’d probably be a SWAT team and an army of social workers making sure I’m ok.

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BlockFi Customers Rejoice!

BlockFi’s customers might finally feature a financial comeback, thanks to a deal with FTX and Alameda Research. 😍

How much? Up to $874 million, contingent on court approval. This settlement could be the lifeline for customers left adrift after the 2022 crypto upheaval.

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Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High Then Someone Punched It In The Face

I’m a crypto fanatic. I am constantly observing and looking at what’s going on, and like many of you, the past couple of days, I’ve been glued to my screen or phone waiting for the news when Bitcoin hit a new all-time high. 👀

And now I need your help. Because I need someone to figure out the odds of someone like me, MISSING THE GODDAMN EVENT BECAUSE OF A DR’S APPOINTMENT.

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