Coinbase Delists XRP, XLM, BCH, and ETC

Coinbase ($COIN) announced that it is ending support for Bitcoin Cash ($BCH.X), Ethereum Classic( $ETC.X), Stellar ($XLM.X), and Ripple’s XRP ($XRP.X) in January 2023.

The reason for discontinuing support is due to low usage. This makes sense in XRP’s case because Coinbase terminated any trading of XRP in January 2021 when the SEC went gangbusters on Ripple.

Coinbase’s announcement ensures customers that the delisted cryptos won’t disappear after January 2023, and you’ll still be able to transfer them out of Coinbase’s wallet(s). 

If you wanted evidence of a huge lack of participation in the crypto space, one would anticipate that at least one of the four delisted cryptos would face intense selling pressure with this news – but that hasn’t happened. 🤒

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Arizona Bill To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

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