Goldman And Visa Ain’t Scurred

“Do what the big boys are doing” is an adage from the stonk market. πŸ‚

In other words, if big money is risking big money, it’s probably for a good reason.Β 

So despite companies making job cuts and planning for the most anticipated recession in history, Visa ($V) and Goldman Sachs ($GS) are still in.Β 

A Reuters report said a source claims Visa and Mastercard ($MA) was pausing their “… crypto push in wake of industry meltdown.”

Guess no one told Visa. Visa’s VP and big wig of crypto, Cuy Sheffield, took to Twitter just a few hours later to refute the claim.Β 

Similarly, Goldman Sachs is growing its crypto business. CFO Denis Coleman said Goldman has purchased and will continue to purchase digital currency firms.Β 

And despite cutting 3k+ employees – the biggest since the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis, they’re hiring for the crypto side. πŸ€

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I almost wrote she’d kill me, but if I did that, there’d probably be a SWAT team and an army of social workers making sure I’m ok.

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February Was Amazing

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