Apple Holding Up Uniswap App?

$AAPL has a less-than-friendly history with crypto; there’s another story to add to that history book. 📙

The largest DEX and DeFi asset, $UNI, reported that despite submitting their mobile app months ago, there is still no go-ahead from Apple.

In a move likely meant to put Apple’s feet to the fire, Uniswap announced they’re opening their internal TestFlight app for 10,000 users.

According to Uniswap, their app is a self-custodial wallet that allows trading tokens/crypto. 

No word from Apple yet, but we’ll update you when/if that happens. 🦄

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Crypto 101: Layer-2

What on Earth is Layer-2? 🌍

If blockchain is a superhero, then Layer-2 is like its sidekick(s). It performs much of the ‘heavy’ lifting off-chain (off the main blockchain), making things run smoother, faster, and cheaper.

Superman can’t stop Doomsday and bad guys in the world at the same time – the Justice League takes on all the ‘other’ stuff going on. 

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Ripple Gets A Big Win With Hinman

Ripple has achieved a small victory in its legal battle against the SEC as the agency’s attempt to seal the “Hinman Speech documents” was denied. 🎉

These internal files contain drafts and emails about a speech given by William Hinman, former Director of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance, over four years ago, saying $ETH is not a security. The documents are sought after by Ripple’s legal team to understand how the SEC arrived at its conclusion that Ethereum was not a security at the time, which could impact the classification of Ripple’s $XRP cryptocurrency.

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Green Gold Rush: Tether Takes Bitcoin Mining to Uruguay

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