Technically Speaking – November 6, 2023

As we approach the end of the first week of November, several cryptocurrencies have already posted impressive double-digit gains. 


ADAUSD Monthly Chart – Click to enlarge.

Cardano’s monthly chart shows something occurring that has happened since October 2021: a close above the monthly Tenkan-Sen. 

Despite today being only the sixth day of November, $ADA is still up +25% this month – so there’s plenty of room and time for prices to make or break this bullish momentum. 🤯

The Graph

GRTUSD Monthly Chart – Click to enlarge.

While not a big name on people’s radar outside of crypto, $GRT is a well known name within the crypto space – specifically with A.I..

The Graph is up an impressive +38.32% in November so far, just shy of the highest monthly close of 2023. 📈


NEOUSD Monthly Chart – Click to enlarge.

NEO used to be one of the big darlings of crypto during 2017’s rally – fast forward six years, and NEO has definitely lost some of its luster. 

That hasn’t stopped it from having some impressive gains over the past couple of months, specifically, the nearly +40% gain it’s had so far this month. 🚀


UNIUSD Monthly Chart – Click to enlarge.

The biggest name in the DEX space, Uniswap, is up +22% so far this month, making play for the highest monthly close in three months – it’s already made a new three-month high. 

After cracking below the critical $5 mark in August, it looks like bulls are making an attempt to reclaim what was lost. 💣

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