On the markets today, Vacuum cleaners come from a variety of types such as handheld, canister, upright, stick, robot,...Therefore, when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner, you should know what type will work effectively with the type of home surfaces and even your lifestyle, your hobbies. Are you a fan of upright vacuum cleaners? Firstly, I want to tell you a little bit about this vacuum cleaner type - one of the most popular vacuum cleaners, especially in the US. These models have a powerful cleanup for most entire the house. An upright vacuum cleaner often has both the motor and powerhead in front of the user when vacuuming. In comparison with other types, upright vacuums have a wider cleaning path and longer power code and larger capacity for containing dirt. That's one of the reasons why the upright vacuum cleaner might give you the large and deep clean for both carpet and wall. Read more:
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