Traderfirstyear -(2) Reiterates the importance of Millenials in reaching out to Congress in a bipartisan effort to enact legislation to slow mandatory spending. The US Congress to potentially use the US Tax Code to Pursue a Progressive Consumption Tax. The benefits to US Millennials of saving more consuming less to make the necessary spending adjustments in public infrastructure and human capital investment to raise our (US) level of productivity. $SPY $DIA $QQQ $TLT Watch Discusses the unavoidable clashing & competition between the US & China for future foreign savings. Highlights topics related to the potential shrinking of the US Economy & the reduction in Global leverage. The downside of closing the Trade Deficit, but running future Budget Deficit in the US to Finance Mandatory Spending Programs. Discusses a number of dangers that exist in The Multi-Polar Economic World of the 21st Century, a world in which the US may no longer write all the rules.