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      Izzy Doyle
      Started in 09-11 with $50k and built to $680k by Jan 12, I cashed out with opp to invest in a struggling business. Now with revs tripled I am back. 1st trade was $100k TCK in Jan a nickel off the low, cashed out & use high 6 figure trading account.
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      Rob M.
      Private Financial Analyst. Specializing in US mkts: Tech, Bio, Oil, Bitcoin/Eth, Gold. 20+ yrs exp. in stock chart patterns and industry analysis for successful positional, technical trading. I use my own algos and insight for recs. USMC Vet.
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      Valley Day Trader
      Focusing primarily on momentum trading, futures, swing trading and options. Trading off the technicals in combination with potential catalysts. Join me and my team of professionals today! Direct message me for details.
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      Stocks, Tips, Real-Time Alerts
      The #1 Supernova Alert Service. Entry Expires 4/20. Join Free Today Only!
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      If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done.
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      Owner and Creator of a Monster Oscillator. AllStarTradingTeam Adminstrator. Our CHATROOM is formed by ProTraders. Henry69, Andrew Torchine, BrotherMonster and LucaC. Follow us on Twitter. No Dramas, No Haters, No IDIOTS!
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      Marissa Harvey & Associates
      Born into a family of traders technical analysis has become second nature. I have a passion for empowering others & actively trade live with over 500 colleagues. Spots open on a case by case basis. See my website for the trial link.
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      Andrew Tan
      I will trade a stock according to the market momentum, and get in the trend to spot the bear market and beat it. Disclaimer: Be aware that I will get in and out of a position nimbly. My post is not an investment recommendation; Play at your own risk.
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      david simon
      An avid investor and swing trader for over 20 years. The opinions and ideas presented by me are for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed to represent trading or investment advice.
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      Top Stock Alerts
      Top Stock Alerts Over 25 years of trading experience. Focus on momentum stocks, short squeezes, and long term value trading.
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      Marica Sanchez
      Young, sassy and gifted. Making real-time calls in my chat group for amazing amounts of profits! Come trade with me! Checkout my link below to join! I also enjoy helping educate others on technical indicators and interpretation.
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      I swing trade stocks under $5 with 93% accuracy(YTD) I specialize in accumulation at support.
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      Maria Chaudhry
      H.U.S.T.L.E. #WelcomeToAnarchy99 #StayGreen
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      past 10 largest shareholder in CPXX 95,000 shares and Array pharma
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      Technical Analyst. Presenting daily charts to get a sense about the technical situation about most traded stocks and markets. Practical chartist & technical tools, Elliot Wave and Fibonacci Ratio analysis. (ENGLISH + SPANISH posts)
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      Dick Seigler
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      Classified Trades
      Classified Trades: Real Time Alerts Service Get our entries, exits, averages when we do. Email to be our guest in our real time ALERT ACCESS ROOM and trade with us.
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      Mr Wonderful
      Hi you already know me, I am Mr. Wonderful. As it is probably no surprise to you by now, I like money. I like making money too hence why I'm here. I also share trade ideas and observations, so if you'd like you can follow me! Good Luck 2 All!
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      Get tips. Sleep better.
      *** stock alerts (email/sms text) • charts • news publications • archives • forum discussions • advice • analysis requests ***
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      Wen Mein
      Short term trader (1-30 days). 20+ years experience. My proprietary and refined technical scans find great swing and day trades. Sign up on the website for a free week of chatroom access and real-time trade-ideas. Very low cost. DM me.