$SPX $SPY 2019 Rate positions on #Fed Summary of table from prior message: 1 vote at 2.625% (1 hike), 8 at 2.375% (middle of CURRENT Rate target range - NO CUTS) and 7 at 1.875% - essentially 2 cuts below here. Net for 2019 is 9 (same or higher rates) vs. 7 (2 cuts) NOT A CLEAR WIN for those wanting rate cuts if you add up the votes. $GLD $TLT $TNX $IWM $IJH
$SPX $SPY $IWM $IJH $GLD $TLT $TNX #Fed Removed word "patient" says "uncertainties have increased" will "Act as appropriate to support expansion" 8 of them forecasting rate cut - 7 2 cuts 2/
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