Amazon Enters The Generative AI Race

With some estimates valuing the generative artificial intelligence (AI) market at $110 billion by 2030, Amazon is getting involved in the action. πŸ€–

Today the tech giant announced Amazon Bedrock, which provides a way to build generative AI-powered apps using pre-trained models from startups like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, and Stability AI. However, rather than taking on the risk of building its own AI models, it’s allowing third parties to host their models on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Essentially, it provides the pickaxes and shovels for the current gold rush. That’s likely because CEO Andy Jassy said that ‘really good’ A.I. models take ‘billions of dollars’ to train. βš’οΈ

The company’s new offering differs from competitors like Replicate, Google Cloud, and Azure because it’s primarily aimed at large customers building “enterprise-scale” AI apps. And although model licensing terms and hosting agreements have not been revealed, its likely vendors were attracted by Amazon’s overall reach and potential revenue-sharing opportunities.

Still, the environment around AI remains murky, leaving many companies on the sidelines until there’s more regulatory clarity. Just this week, China, Italy, and other countries have taken action against industry leaders like OpenAI and drafted rules governing the technology’s use in their borders. Even Congress is laying the groundwork for regulating AI in the United States. πŸ“

Despite the uncertainty, AI-related stocks remain all the buzz. Especially those with AI in their ticker symbol or name. $AI, $GFAI, $BRFG, and several others have been trending heavily on the platform and the internet. ⚑

$CXAI popped on the scene today, rising over 350%. πŸ“ˆ

Disney & Charter Come Back Online

After a roughly ten-day cable blackout, Charter Communications and Disney put aside their differences to bring football back to fifteen million households nationwide. 🏈

The deal’s terms can be summarized as:

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AI Adds To Tesla’s Gains

Technology stocks, specifically those in the consumer discretionary sector, drove the market higher today. And leading the pack was electric vehicle maker Tesla.

The world’s most valuable automaker received a boost after Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas said the company’s Dojo supercomputer could drive $600 billion in market cap gains. πŸ€‘

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Pepsi Eyes Beverage Growth

Seemingly everyone from global conglomerates to content creators is getting in on the beverage space. That’s because beverage products tend to have much higher margins than food products. And if you can market your way through the competitive space, you can make a pretty penny. πŸ§ƒ

If you need evidence of that, just look at one of the best-performing stocks in the market, Monster Beverage. Since going public about thirty years ago, it has returned nearly 270,000%. It’s almost as if its stock price drank a lot of monster energy. 🀩

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Schwab Raises Debt To Restructure

Financial services company Charles Schwab is back under pressure today after announcing a significant restructuring. Like other stocks caught up in the “regional banking crisis” earlier this year, it has not fully recovered its decline and is now resuming lower. πŸ“‰

Yesterday it announced plans to shutter or downsize some real estate holdings and cut employee headcount to save at least $500 million annually. It’s also issuing 11-year debt at roughly 2% above Treasuries for “general corporate purposes,” as it’s estimating $400 to $500 million in restructuring costs in the year ahead.Β 

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