Who Pamped And Who Damped This Week

The top fifteen cryptocurrencies by market capitalization (excluding wrapped crypto and stablecoins) are our population used to identify which cryptos made the winners and losers list.

Also – the percent of gains and losses listed below may change slightly or dramatically by the time this Litepaper hits your inbox. Just an FYI.

The Winners

Hands down, Ethereum Classic ($ETC.X) was the clear leader this week. Ethereum Classic pamped for an amazing +60%. Uniswap ($UNI.X) followed with a +31% gain, and Ethereum ($ETH.X) at +10%. 

Out of the top fifteen cryptocurrencies, all save two closed in the green after the regular trading week ended. But, again – that may or may not change by the time you read this Litepaper.

The Losers

The losers category for the week is kind of moot. There were only two: Shiba Inu ($SHIBA.X) down by -1.27% and Avalanche ($AVAX.X) down -0.95%. 

There were some cryptos that just missed getting added to the losers category: Solana ($SOL.X) gained +1%, Dogecoin ($DOGE.X) +1.23%, and TRON ($TRX.X) +1.75%. 🔄

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