Whales Keep Accumulating

MicroStrategy Founder and Chairman Michael Saylor took to Twitter this morning to announce that $MSTR picked up another 2,500 more Bitcoin to bring MSTR’s total to 132,500. 🪙

Whales and large wallets, in general, show continued accumulation in Bitcoin and other altcoins. 

On-chain analysis platform IntoTheBlock shows that outflows from exchanges (considered bullish for Bitcoin by analysts) continue to be consistent and stronger than inflows. 

The biggest outflow of Bitcoin from exchanges in 2022 was on November 28, when 152,400 Bitcoin left the exchanges. The net flows for November 28 were 129,080 Bitcoin – a roughly 4.5:1 outflow vs. inflow ratio. 👏

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FDIC Backpedals?

Blaming crypto for some bank failures is not sitting well with crypto advocates. 😠

Tom Emmer, the House Majority Whip, has recently expressed concerns over the “de-banking” of certain cryptocurrency-related businesses by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In a letter to the FDIC, Emmer has asked for more information on the agency’s criteria for targeting these businesses, as well as their impact on legitimate crypto businesses. 

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Take My Money: Eve Online’s CCP Entering Web3

CCP Games, the masterminds behind one of the most brutal, hardcore, and epic MMOs ever, Eve Online, have just secured a cool $40 million in funding to develop a new AAA title in the Eve universe

CCP Games plans to use blockchain technology and smart contracts to develop core game systems, enabling open third-party development and connecting players with virtual worlds. They aim to give players more autonomy and agency – something that makes sense if you’re familiar with Eve. 

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All About Those Banks, No Trouble

Why does crypto care about what’s going on with banks? Because they’re all tied together these days. ⛓️

We won’t spend a terrible amount of time with the nitty-gritty of what’s going on in the banking world, but there are some fairly important developments. 

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