News In Three Sentences – February 28, 2024

Great Zeus’s Beard That’s A Lot: BTC ETF trading volume spiked over $7.5 billion, more than double its previous record. 😱 WatcherGuru has more

BlackRock Turns Bitcoin ETFs into Its Own Personal Money Printer: BlackRock’s ($BLK) massive $520 million infusion into $BTC ETFs, combined with Europe’s unrelenting buying spree and a nifty GBP arbitrage opportunity on $COIN, propelled Bitcoin past the $60,000 mark despite expectations of a pause. Short-sellers everywhere are now questioning their life decisions. 🚀    Read more from TrustNodes

JPMorgan’s Crypto Forecast Expects Sky High with a Chance of Moon: $JPM has flipped the script, now singing praises of Bitcoin and the broader crypto market, predicting sustained and enhanced prices. The bank’s newfound optimism is rooted in the anticipation of Bitcoin’s halving, $ETH‘s network upgrades, and the potential SEC nod for Ethereum ETFs, suggesting a bullish horizon dictated by retail investors’ resurgence and institutional net buys. 📈 From Cryptonemist

Artificial General Intelligence Coming In 2025. Skynet, Cyclons, they’re all coming to end humanity much sooner than we thought: Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET’s ($AGIX) visionary, is on the brink of unveiling a “baby AGI” prototype by early 2025, leveraging open source and decentralized principles to ensure this groundbreaking AI benefits humanity without falling under corporate or governmental control. With the upcoming Hyperon Alpha release, Goertzel’s approach promises a collaborative ecosystem where even a “12-year-old genius from Tajikistan” could contribute, embodying a fusion of innovation and inclusivity. 🤖 Cointelegraph has more

GALA’s Price Explosion: $GALA‘s price soared 27% following the launch of GalaSwap, a decentralized exchange on the new GalaChain network, marking a significant milestone with rewards for traders and referral incentives. This surge to a 10-month high reflects the broader crypto market’s recovery and a renewed interest in gaming tokens. Read more from Decrypt 

Telegram Turns the Tables: Channel Owners to Cash in on Ads: Telegram has unveiled a revenue-sharing model, promising to share ad revenue with its channel creators. Pavel Durov aims to monetize the platform’s trillion monthly views more effectively starting this March. With the surge in $TON‘s token value, Telegram’s strategy could redefine digital content monetization, making it a win-win for creators and the platform. 💰 From CryptoGlobe

Trading or Trolling? The Truth Behind Justin Sun’s HTX Usage: Justin Sun, $TRX‘s founder, took to social media to silence skeptics of his HTX exchange usage by flaunting holdings worth over $1.6 billion in Bitcoin. Sun’s revelation has stirred the pot, prompting debates on the authenticity of his claims and the implications for HTX’s user base as the community speculates whether the trading volume is real. 🤑 Bitcoinist has more

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NFTs R Back?

Not much needs to be said here for this newsworthy event. 🤦‍♂️

Straight from the Gurg himself:

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Technically Speaking – February 26, 2024

Bitcoin hit $54,000, bla bla bla, and Ethereum hit $3,200. Yes, that’s awesome, but if you’re like me, I want to know what hasn’t moved yet or is about to break out or, even more importantly, what might be hitting some profit-taking/reversal zones. 💡

Also, if you want to learn, check out our Ichimoku 101 article here, or watch this instructional video here. 

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Seriously, SHIB People, Are You Ok?

Look at the 1-minute chart below from yesterday’s intraday price action on $SHIB. 🤯

It was one of the craziest swings of all the major market cap memecoins by far, just an insane move. And how did the Stocktwits SHIB stream react? Like you’d expect any high class degen to react: Unf*cking fazed.

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Frogs, And Dogs, And BONKs Oh My

Memecoin madness is back, and it’s like deja vu. All over again, like deja vu. 🐶

According to the fine folks at Santiment, the spotlight’s on $PEPE, $FLOKI, $BONK, and a few others, all of which have decided to moon together. Price surges of over 500% and trading volumes that skyrocketed nearly 3,000%? Just another crypto memecoin insane bull run

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