The Hateful Eight

The SEC listed several cryptocurrencies as securities in their lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase – eight of the nineteen were mentioned in both.

How are they doing today? Let’s look:

$SOL  -7.46% 

$ADA -9.06%

$FIL -5.61%

$MATIC -6.45%

 $SAND -7.47%

$MANA -8.15%

$ALGO -7.61%

$AXS -7.01%

Not so great when compared to the total market cap, which is down only -2.88%. And some of their charts look worse than the others. 

But none look as bad as Algorand’s weekly chart. Oof. 

ALGOUSD Weekly Chart – Click to enlarge.

ALGO is on its eighth straight week in the red and poised to hit a new all-time low for a weekly close, surpassing the March 2020 low. 

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November’s Close: A Closer Look

November 2023 ranks third in terms of performance, behind the bullish Novembers of 2018 and 2019. It’s a respectable showing, especially given the past volatility. 🐓

November 2018: +57.61%
November 2019: +21.29%
November 2022: +19.44%
November 2011: +10%
November 2023: +8.84% (the newcomer)
November 2021: +7.77%
November 2012: -11.11%
November 2014: -9.87%
November 2016: -5.91%
November 2020: -6.62%
November 2015: -17.67%
November 2017: -35.16%
November 2013: -82.49%

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Crypto’s Harmony With The Dollar, Not A Rivalry

$COIN‘s main man, Brian Armstrong, is stirring the financial pot with a fresh take: $BTC‘s not here to knock the USD off its perch; it’s here to help it out. 🪙

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Technically Speaking – November 27, 2023

A pause or pullback with $BTC‘s current price action shouldn’t be unexpected. ✋

There are significant gaps between the bodies of the weekly candlesticks and the Tenkan-Sen, and the length of time these gaps have existed is four consecutive weeks. 

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