If Your Crypto Was A Space Marine Chapter

  1. Bitcoin – Ultramarines: The Ultramarines are the poster boys of Warhammer 40k, much like Bitcoin, which is the face of the cryptocurrency world. Both are leaders, widely recognized and set the standard for those who follow. Oh, and the Avenging Son is back, baby. 

  2. Ethereum – Blood Angels: Ethereum, with its smart contracts and dApps, is akin to the Blood Angels – sophisticated, artistic, and somewhat enigmatic. And their fan base acts like a bunch of crazy bastards when provoked.

  3. XRP – Imperial Fists: Known for their stoicism and defensive prowess, the Imperial Fists are a good match for XRP. More than any other crypto, they’ve played defense against the SEC for years. 

  4. Solana – White Scars: Speed is the name of the game for both Solana and the White Scars. Just as Solana boasts fast transaction times, the White Scars are known for their rapid strikes and hit-and-run tactics. Also, the White Scars and Solana tend to go too fast at times and end up breaking down and messing some stuff up they didn’t mean to. They’re fast but messy. 

  5. Cardano – Salamanders: Cardano, with its emphasis on sustainability and peer-reviewed research, aligns well with the Salamanders. They’re both concerned with the greater good and have a strong sense of community. And Charles Hoskinson is probably a Perpetual. 

  6. Dogecoin – Space Wolves: $DOGE’s logo is a dog, and the Space Wolves of Fenris are wolves, so, ya, it makes sense. The Emperor’s executioners are a good fit for the dogearmy because for years, people have said Doge is dead, but Doge traders and investors have a habit of obliterating short sellers in one massive sweep. 

  7. Tron – Iron Warriors: Tron, with its focus on entertainment and content creation, shares traits with the Iron Warriors. Both are known for their siege warfare tactics – relentless and focused on the long game. And Justin Sun is kind of like the Primach of the Iron Warriors, Perturabo. Sun has a habit of taking over various projects, absorbing them very quickly, and then killing them. They’re still around; they’re just not doing anything because they’ve been purged like Perturabo’s conquering. 

  8. Chainlink – Raven Guard: Chainlink’s role in securely connecting smart contracts with off-chain data is akin to the stealth and intelligence gathering of the Raven Guard. They both operate in the shadows, linking vital information. And just as the Raven Guard go right in, blow stuff up, win, and then vanish with none the wiser. $LINK kind of does the same thing. Chainlink leads rallies, but without all the fanfare and people noticing that something is happening right before their eyes. 

  9. Avalanche – Dark Angels: Mysterious and somewhat secretive, Avalanche is like the Dark Angels. Both have a complex structure and a dedicated following, with a hint of mystery surrounding their inner workings. Oh, and their Primarch is back, too. 

  10. Monero – Alpha Legion: Now, Monero steps into the role of the Alpha Legion. Known for its privacy and security, Monero is the master of secrecy and subterfuge, much like the enigmatic and covert operations of the Alpha Legion. Is the Alpha Legion playing a multi-millennia-long game for the Emperor while posing as a dirty trailer Legion? Who knows. They’re badass, though. No other privacy-based crypto has a standing $625,000 bounty to crack Monero’s code. 

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